WHere Talent Meets Opportunity

CLARITAS is an executive search and STAFFing firm dedicated to providing major and emerging companies in the Biotech, and life sciences with access to the staff they need for exceptional market performance.


Finding the Best, Not the Available

You can rest assured that you are getting the best candidates and not just those available. We draw from a deep well of relationships in the healthcare, medical and life sciences communities. We are well recognized by both employers and employees and well respected for our integrity, diligence and discretion. 

Delivering Top Candidates is No Accident

Equal parts nature and nurture. We are, first and foremost, people with an aptitude for people. Our ability to clearly see, hear and assess people is both a natural talent and a honed Executive Search for the Life Sciences

 They Come and Seldom Go

We’ve noticed a very nice similarity between our clients and our candidates. They both seem to stick around for a good long time. With 98% placement retention of 3 years or more and 99% client retention and referrals, our numbers speak to our overwhelming success delivering for our clients and our candidates.

Serving the Life Sciences Industry


Clinical research


Medical Device


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